Bruce finds that quality design is achieved through careful observation and listening. By learning how his clients live, work, rest, and entertain, he is better able to guide his clients in the design process. Our conscientious design approach is a process of creative architectural problem solving where the goal is to provide imaginative, sensitive, and livable architecture which is tailored to the specific needs of the clients.

Bruce contends that building form drives architectural style, and takes great care in studying such elements as proportion, massing, building plane, and roof lines. His sensitive selection of materials, refined details, and appropriate building forms combine to express the architectural character of a project. Careful research of proportion, materials, and finishes are performed to achieve style consistent design, long-lasting beauty and sustainability. 

We prefer projects with distinctive architecture. We enjoy immersing ourselves into the style and seeking ways to bring out the best of the architecture while introducing fresh new solutions, materials, and technologies. Consequently, we do not specialize in certain styles or types of architecture. Each project becomes a tangible realization of the dreams and expectations of its owners.